Textures Guide

This is your ultimate guide to all the different textures we have to offer. Textures are rated based on how holdable and how easily they are to handle. Of course, anyone can try any texture they'd like, this is only a guide or recommendation. 


Cloud Creme: This texture contains instant snow and is holdable and thick, and tends to not be very sticky, therefore is highly recommended for beginner slimers. They harder ever melt either and have a long shelf life. The instant snow can leave a slightly wet residue.

Snow Butter: Similar to the cloud creme texture, snow butters contain instant snow with and addition of clay. Snow butters feel similar to cloud cremes, but are usually a little lighter/airy. The instant snow can leave a slightly wet residue.

Butter: Clay-heavy slime that's very holdable and spreadable.


Thick + Glossy: These slimes may be sticky if not familiar, but are the clickiest and, as the name implies, thick and glossy. 

DIY: Usually contains multiple parts so it can be difficult to set up, but not rocket science. These are the most fun slimes, though, because they can be assembled and mixed in yourself.

Slay/clay: Slay = slight-clay. These are made with a thick + glossy base with a slight amount of clay. These slimes are usually the most inflating and can at least double in size.

Keep in mind, when inflated, slimes can become slightly sticky/tacky.

Icee: Made with instant snow and rarely melts or get sticky. This texture is sizzly but the instant snow can leave a wet residue.  

Jelly: This texture is similar to icee slimes, but have a greater slime to instant snow ratio. The instant snow can leave a slightly wet residue. 

White Glue Slushee/Floam: Made with a white glue base and slushee beads or foam beads. Very crunchy and bubble-poppy. The beads can make the slime feel dense at first, but when mixed in, it's perfect for playing.

White Glue Snowfizz: Made with white glue and plastic fake snow. The fake snow can feel rough on sensitive hands, so keep this in mind. Very crunchy and bubble-poppy.


Clear: While being the most beautiful, clear based slimes usually are the most difficult to handle due to their stickiness and how easily they melt. Though, it's also not rocket science. 

Clear Based Snowfizz: Being made from a base of clear glue, these slimes can get sticky easily and can be difficult to handle. These are packed with plastic fake snow and can feel dense at first. Once mixed and worked through, they're super crunchy and bubble-poppy. 

Keep in mind, the plastic fake snow can feel rough on sensitive hands.